Steve Johnston for Edmonds Port Commissioner
Why it Matters

The Port of Edmonds is an intricate entity with many moving parts—the marina, marina support facilities and equipment; commercial buildings housing a wide variety of businesses, and public amenities like the Portwalk and public plaza; among other facilities and activities. The Commissioners need to have the collective skill to understand the issues and opportunities facing the Port and make decisions that result in operating and sustaining of the Port for the benefit of the community. Responsible and educated decision-making at the Commission level allows the Port to generate the revenues and public profit (net income) required to maintain and improve our public facilities and amenities, providing a strong return on investment to Port District Residents.

Steve believes that good decision-making at the Port (or any local) level should begin with clear identification of the issue that needs to be addressed (what is the problem you are trying to solve), followed by the fact-based research required to make responsible, defensible decisions that provide the best overall outcomes for the Port and its constituents. He also believes the Port Commission should focus exclusively on decision-making within its specific mission areas, always with the best interest of the public in mind. This approach, shared with his fellow commissioners, has made the Port of Edmonds Commission a model of transparency, good governance, civility, and mutual respect.

Steve is proud to be part of the incredible working relationship enjoyed by the Port Commissioners and Port staff. While not always unanimous in thought, consensus is ultimately reached on issues through open, thoughtful, and collaborative discussion, reliance on factual information, balancing of pertinent factors and information, and, when necessary, civil and respectful compromise, always considering the benefit to the public we serve.

The Port of Edmonds’ governance model simply works. As a result, we enjoy the financial and operational success that returns great value to the community and assures that residents and visitors to our waterfront will continue to enjoy this important part of our community’s charm for years to come.

Finally, we should keep in mind that designated non-partisan local government positions, like Port Commissioner, are designated as non-partisan for a reason. They are recognized as positions that work best when not unduly influenced by political party platforms and interests that may not be conducive to good local governance. Steve has never sought nor accepted the endorsement of any political party or any organization with strong political ties that might affect or unduly influence the process of good, fact-based decision making at the local level. He is proud to be supported exclusively by many local and community leaders, residents of Edmonds and Woodway, and other professionals and individuals who recognize the value his environmental, business, and maritime experience brings to the Port and community.

Steve’s experience and expertise in corporate and military leadership and management, environmental sustainability, waterfront engineering and construction, with both commercial entities and public ports, uniquely qualifies him for reelection as Port Commissioner.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Port Commissioner for the past 5 years. I humbly ask for your vote to continue the great success the Port has enjoyed for the next four years.”

Steve Johnston

Commissioner, Port of Edmonds

The Port: The heart of the Edmonds community

Steve Johnston: Results and experience matter.

Steve Johnston has been a leader in the terrific financial success of the Port during his term as a Port Commissioner. From the Port of Edmonds 2017 through 2020 Annual Reports – Steve’s current term of office:

Total Net Revenue (public profit) for the period 2017 to 2020 (in millions)

Increase in Net Position (port value) from 2017 to 2020 (in millions)


Percentage of increase in Net Position from 2017 to 2020

Steve Johnston as Port Commissioner:

Will continue working to increase Port revenues

Is dedicated to managing expenses for taxpayers

Steve consistently works to effectively mange Port debt and revenue. By applying strong business practices, the Port’s economic well-being and reserves continue to grow.

Will continue work to protect the Marsh and the Environment

With 35 years of experience as an environmental consultant and project manager, Steve has made a career out of effectively balancing responsible development with the natural and human environments. His tenure on the Port has continued this stewardship.

Is an advocate for increased community access

Steve has worked to support the success of all businesses based at the Port – offering family-wage employment for hundreds of people, and revenue for not only the Port, but the greater Edmonds community. Additionally, the Port supports many community events at our Port waterfront, including Jazz Fest, the Edmonds Waterfront Festival, Sea Scouts, and the Puget Sound Bird Fest, among others. Steve is working to increase sustainable community access to all of the Port’s amenities.
Steve Johnston for Port of Edmonds
Steve Johnston for Port of Edmonds
Steve Johnston for Port of Edmonds - Edmonds Marina